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The Potential Use of Micro- and Nanofibrillated Cellulose as a Reinforcing Element in Paper

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Article technique paru dans J-FOR* Vol.2, No6, 2012 (Disponible en anglais seulement)


The use of nanofibrillar cellulose as a reinforcement agent in paper has been evaluated on a high-speed pilot paper machine.

Using mill pulp and mill process waters, two different grades of nanocellulose were tested at 1% and 2% addition levels together with 1% of cationic starch.

The results indicate significant increase in tensile strength, enabling up to 8 g/m2 grammage reduction. Paper had a slightly lower scattering coefficient and lower air permeability. Wire-section dewatering was reduced a little, with a loss of less than one percentage point of solids content, whereas dry matter after wet pressing even increased upon nanocellulose addition.

The reason for this unexpected observation is still unclear. Total retention remained constant after nanocellulose addition was started.

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New Businesses and Development,


New Businesses and Development,


* J-FOR - The Journal of Science & Technology for Forest Products and Processes, est une publication phare de PAPTAC, comprenant des articles évalués de haute qualité, traitant de technologie et de science relativement à des domaines traditionnels et émergents propres à l'industrie forestière.



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